Ambrosial - Fragrances of Heaven

Elemi Oil

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Fresh | Peppery | Balsamic | Green | Woody

Elemi Oil & Resinoid are used in Fragrances for the freshness imparted to Citrus Accords and Colognes , it is always used in traces and never in high doses , as the Ordinary Piney character shows up.

Brand: Ambrosial - Fragrances of Heaven
Product Code: AMB-PI-ELEM
HSN Code: 33029012

Olfactory: Middle note

Main Ingredients Alpha Pinene , Alpha Thujene, Beta Myrcene, Paracymene ,Limonene
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow clear liquid (est)
Flash Point: 45.50C

Shelf Life: 24.00 month(s)

Soluble in:

Insoluble in:

Odor Strength: medium

Odor Description: at 100.00 %. fresh peppery balsamic green woody