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Ambrosial Witch Hazel Essential Oil 100% Natural Hamamelis Virginiana

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Witch hazel (whitch has the species name Hamamelis virginiana), a type of plant native to North America, is a member of the Hamamelidaceae plant family. Sometimes also called winterbloom, the virginiana bark and leaves are used to make a skin-healing astringent that’s capable of naturally reducing acne, blisters, insect bites, poison ivy, inflammation and much more.

Witch hazel has been used for centuries to naturally help treat and prevent:

    skin sores
    redness and swelling
    ingrown hairs
    psoriasis or eczema
    oily skin
    excess sweating
    varicose veins
    cracked or blistered skin
    insect bites
    poison ivy
    irritated scalp
    sunburn and melanoma
    razor burn
    mucous membrane inflammation
    allergic reactions