Iso E Super

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Fragrance | Booster | Patchouli | Ethanol | Woody | Amber | Sandalwood | Cedarwood

A synthetic aromatic chemical, Iso E Super is one of the most versatile odor molecule ever and it is used in almost every fragrance today. It’s a fragrance booster, helps improve longevity, and brings out clarity of notes and makes them smell more of itself; perhaps even hyperreal. The odor molecule provides a sandalwood-like and cedarwood-like notes to various medium such as perfumes and functional products. It is smooth, woody, amber with unique aspects giving a ‘’velvet’’ like sensation. Used to impart fullness and subtle strength to fragrances. Iso E Super falls under the olfactory groups such as musk, amber, animalic.

Other Names: Tetramethyl acetyloctahydronaphthalenes, OTNE, Iso Gamma Super, Anthamber, Amber Fleur, Boisvelone, Iso Ambois, Amberlan, Iso Velvetone, Orbitone, Amberonne, Patchouli Ethanone