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30ml Civet Oil Synthetic Civette Musk Perfume Ingredient 5% Dilution in DPG

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Odour (decreasing): Animalic, faecal, musk, warm. Extremely powerful

One of the extremely powerful ingredients, best thought of in the same way as the pyrazines. Used in traces to add animalic warmth and wearability to many fragrance types. Particularly important in fine fragrance where this material has an exceptional enhancing effect on fragrances when applied to human skin.

This is a recreation of the now banned natural ingredient Civet oil, composed by Ambrosial. This is an extremely potent ingredient, and will be sold at 5% dilution in organic DPG oil.

Civet has been used for centuries in perfumery. The original oil of Civet is extracted from the musk or glandular secretion by the castoreum sacs (perineal glands near the testicles of the Civet cats) that enclose the awe-inspiring fragrance in them. From Chanel No. 5 to Amouage Gold Pour till Calvin Klein Obsession and one of my personal favourite scents Layton Exclusif by Pafumes De Marly. You would be amazed with the extensive range of perfumes and scents that Civet enchants with its magical aroma.

It’s known for its ability to add depth and fixing quality’s to a blend in TRACE amounts.

Be extremely careful when handling this material, it is not something you want to spill on anything, as it is so powerful.